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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

Sales - Beta98/S Miniature supercardioid condenser for musical instrument applications

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Product Description

The Shure Beta 98/S is a compact, high-output, supercardioid condenser microphone for professional sound reinforcement and studio recording. Its extremely uniform supercardioid pickup pattern provides high gain before feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted noise. Its high maximum sound pressure level (SPL) makes it useful for a variety of acoustic instruments, including drums, percussion, piano, reed, wind, and string instruments. The Beta 98/S can also be used for amplified guitars.

The Beta 98/S includes either a shockmount swivel adapter (Beta 98/S) or the A98D drum mount (Beta 98D/S). The A98D drum mount has a specially designed gooseneck that allows the microphone to be positioned freely, yet holds it securely in place once the ideal placement has been found. The Beta 98/S is supplied with a windscreen, storage bag, preamplifier, and an interconnect cable. The preamplifier can be powered by any 48 Vdc phantom power supply.