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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

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Product Description

The SA1232 is a high efficiency, extreme output, active 3-way, wide dispersion, sound reinforcement speaker system. The SA1232 benefits from the integration of 1300 watts of amplifier power, complete active control electronics, RCF Precision components and into a speaker system with 103dB of sensitivity (@ 1 watt/1 meter). The result is unprecedented output, resolution and clarity as well as mid-range reproduction previously available only from high end, esoteric PA speaker systems.

The SA1232 features the same horn assembly as introduced in the Mackie Designs SR1530 active 3-way speaker. The horn is a one piece design with 90º x 40º dispersion that integrates both the mid range and high frequency sections. This allows for the horn loading of the mid-range transducer and seamless coupling between the MF and HF sections. The 6-inch mid-range's basket assembly is designed as part of the horn assembly and is also designed to function asan optimized compression chamber, dramatically simplifying the mid-range assembly. Also, in three-way designs the mid frequency horn and the high frequency horn are physically pointing to a different location in front of the box. The SA1232 features an "Optimized Wavefront" horn design. Unlike typical mid / high horns, the high frequency section is positioned to fire down into the six-inch mid-range's dispersion pattern. This creates a focused, single wave front with excellent phase and power response characteristics.

The SA1232 Mid / High Section is designed to deliver over 136dB of acoustic output. This required the design of radically different components from what was used in the SR1530. The SA1232 incorporates several state of the art advancements in transducer technology that have been in development for over two years. The compression driver is a new 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm design featuring a 3-slot, low distortion geometry phase plug. The magnetic structure incorporates pure, high grade, Neodymium providing a higher gauss capability, significant weight reduction and higher BL (force) in the magnetic gap. This results in higher control of the moving mass and audio reproduction with lower distortion and distortion artifacts.

Although the six-inch diaphragm from the SR1530 looks similar to that of the SA1232, they are in fact dramatically different. Once again the RCF Precision engineering team developed a new Neodymium magnetic structure that provides the control and efficiency required to keep up with the compression driver. By itself, the mid-range transducer has over 106 dB of sensitivity at 1 watt / 1 meter but, more importantly, it also possesses excellent distortion and linearity. This is a fundamental reason why 3-way systems can reproduce mid-band audio signal with higher output, definition and dynamics. The mid-range transducer operates between 700 Hz and 3,000 Hz eliminating the placement of a crossover point in the middle of critical voice frequencies.

The amplifiers for the compression driver and mid range incorporate a Class AB topology renowned for its clarity, warmth and more importantly the high voltage output required to generate extreme SPL levels.

The SA1232 produces deep bass through a duo of 12-inch high efficiency RCF Precision woofers. The magnetic structure designed for the woofer motor is greatly responsible for the system's resulting low frequency section sensitivity of 101 dB at 1 watt / 1 meter. High efficiency motors provide an extraordinary amount of force compared to the overall cone area along with complete control of the cone mass. Two 12-inch woofers provide greater air movement than a single 18" woofer but with greater speed, control and better attack. This type of control allow the woofers to deliver extended bass response and to efficiently reach the mid frequency crossover point. The SA1232 frequency response is linear between 45Hz and 18KHz (+/-3dB).

The rear mounted amplifier assembly features separate signal and AC power panels separated by a large aluminum heat sink. The signal input panel contains an input and loop through XLR, a volume level control and four status LED's for Power ON, Signal Present, Limit and Thermal functions. The system accepts a standard line level signal via a XLR input connector.

The system processor provides complete system management of all electronic and acoustic functions including electronic active crossover, electronic phase alignment, electronic time correction, electronic equalization and complete amplifier and component protection.

To ensure long-term reliability and performance, the amplifier card and processor are mounted to a heat sink eliminating the need for fans, dramatically extending life expectancy and eliminating maintenance cycles.

The SA1232 cabinet is constructed using both multi-layered plywood and pressure injected structural resin. The combination provides a robust enclosure system with useful ergonomic features. The top and bottom sections both have handles for easy movement and relocation.There is one three-part cast aluminum handle on each side of the enclosure as well as a full size, oval punched, weather resistant steel grille.

  • Active, High Output / Wide Dispersion
  • 136 dB of Output
  • 1300 watts of integrated power
  • Wide dispersion, ultra low distortion High / Mid Frequency Combination
  • Electronic equalization, time correction & phase alignment
  • Complete electronic and component protection circuitry
  • Two RCF Precision 12-inch high efficiency, light mass woofers with high temperature inside/outside coil technology
  • 6-inch, high efficiency, horn-loaded mid-range transducer with 1.75-inch neodymium magnetic motor structure
  • State of the art Neodymium RCF Precision compression driver with titanium dome and 3-slot, low distortion, optimized geometry phase plug
  • Electronic equalization, time correction and phase alignment
  • RMS Limiting and Amplifier Thermal Protection
  • Professional trap designed enclosure
  • Correctly weight-balanced with two comfortable side handles for easy carrying, load-in / load-out and set up
  • One top and one bottom handle for easy repositioning of speaker