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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

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Product Description

The SRM450 re-defined live sound. So much so that a lot of folks have asked for MORE OF EVERYTHING.

The new SA1521 truly fulfills the demand for MORE OF EVERYTHING.MORE power (500 watts). MORE transducer (RCF Precision 15-inch LF transducer). MORE SPL (133dB peak!).

The SA1521 is a truly collaborative effort between Mackie, EAW Engineering and RCF Precision. It's an honest-to-gosh technology breakthrough - an active, full-bandwidth solution with seamlessly integrated power and control, premium transducers and that wonderfully wide dispersion that lets everyone in the audience hear the same thing.

Put the SA1521 up against the most popular 15" two-way systems in the world and what happens? You suddenly discover that the competition is obsolete - problematic in design, poor in definition and basically nothing more than a 15" and a 1" playing separate tunes.

It doesn't take long to realize that the new SA1521 truly RE-DEFINES 2-way 15-inch speaker systems.The SA1521 is an Active speaker system that expands the performance envelope of previous Mackie Active products. It has better resolution, output and linearity than the SRM450 and higher output than the SR1530 product. It also sets a new standard for 15-inch woofer/ 1-inch compression driver based systems through it's smoothness, power and mid-band performance. This leads to a compact product with a broad range of applications that is powerful and very easy to use.

Design Overview
Mackie's SA1521 is an active 2-way sound reinforcement speaker system designed for extreme accuracy, high output, and smooth dispersion across the entire audio frequency range. It integrates 500 watts of amplifier power, active control electronics, and RCF Precision components into a speaker system with 100 dB sensitivity (1 watt @1 meter). The resulting high resolution and clarity in the critical low-mid and mid-range frequencies are unparalled for a 15" loaded, 2-way speaker system.

Several state of the art advancements in transducer technology have been incorporated in the design of the SA1521. The compression driver uses a new 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm featuring a 3-slot, optimized geometry phase plug. When coupled to the low-distortion, high-output horn, the SA1521 provides uniform power response and correct phase alignment characteristics at the crossover frequency. With the resulting 75°x 65° dispersion pattern,the SA1521 provides very open, natural sound reproduction at extreme output levels.

A 15-inch high-efficiency RCF Precision woofer produces tight, punchy bass. The woofer's magnetic structure delivers an exceptional amount of magnetic force and is responsible for the system's high sensitivity and high efficiency by providing tight control over the cone's movement. This tight control over the woofer's moving mass results in unusually smooth low-frequency response from 50Hz up to the mid-frequency crossover point at 1300Hz.

The amplifier for the compression driver incorporates a Class AB topology, renowned for its clarity, warmth, and high-voltage output to generate extreme SPL levels. A Class G design is used for the low-frequency amplifier, which features two power supplies for improved efficiency and more output power per pound.
A signal panel and a power panel are located on the amplifier assembly at the back of the cabinet, separated by a large aluminum heatsink. The signal input panel contains XLR connectors for line-level input and loop-through connections, a level control, and four status LEDs for Power ON, Signal Present, Limit, and Thermal functions. The power switch and IEC AC connector are located on the lower power panel.

The internal processor provides complete system management of all electronic and acoustic functions. These include an electronic active crossover, electronic phase alignment, electronic time correction, electronic equalization, and complete amplifier and component protection.

To ensure long term reliability,the amplifiers are mounted on a massive extruded heatsink, which is convection cooled and dramatically extends the life expectancy of the heat-producing components.

The SA1521 cabinet is constructed using both multilayered plywood and pressure injected structural resin. The combination provides a robust enclosure with useful ergonomic features. There are three-part cast aluminum handles on each side of the enclosure placed at the speaker's center of gravity for easy carrying and setup. Handles are also located on the top and bottom of the cabinet for easy movement and relocation. A built-in pole-mount cup is provided on the bottom,and a full-size, oval punched, weather-resistant steel grille protects the front of the cabinet.

Performance Features

1. High Performance/ High Output

  • 133dB Peak Output
  • Extremely powerful system capable of real, professional output levels
  • Extended bass response allows you to use the cabinet as a stand-alone, full bandwidth solution.

2. Wide Dispersion

  • Wide off-axis response and excellent pattern consistency
  • Even dispersion at all frequencies, ALLOWS YOU TO COVER MORE AREA SEAMLESSLY
  • 75° & 65° wide dispersion pattern w/ correct phase alignment

3. High Resolution Audio Reproduction

  • The SA1521 does not behave like a 15" woofer/ 1" driver combination manufactured by so many other companies. It is very smooth and articulate and it stays under control even at extreme output levels.
  • RCF Precision, the same company that provides high- tech compression drivers and woofers for high-end touring rigs like EAW's KF760, has developed a new line of drivers for our use.
  • During the demo Ñ Notice how loud the signal gets while distortion and distortion artifacts remain substantially below the signal level. This is due, in part, to the lack of distortion introduced by high precision components.

4. On-Board Active Electronics

  • 500 Watts of continuous RMS amplifier power (400W LF, 100HF)
  • A unique switch mode hybrid topology provides 400 watts of continuous output with over 600-watt peaks. The design delivers over 90% efficiency.
  • Active doesn't mean it has an amplifier bolted on the back, it means seamless integration of optimized electronics that provide complete control and maximum performance. Contains crossover filters, time alignment-phase correction, equalization, protection for speaker components and electronics as well as real time active vigilance over the operating parameters of the system.

5. Professional Cabinet Design

  • 3-ply Baltic Birch Trapezoidal Enclosure with PVC coating
  • Perforated steel grill is coated with scuff and weather- resistant polymer coating
  • Cast aluminum side handles and top/ bottom handles

6. Real panel controls

  • Input signal level control (-15dB to +5dB)
  • Signal present LED (Indicates that signal is present)
  • Limit LED (Indicates that the active protection circuitry is engaged)


  • Garage bands, one-man/duos/trios, local club bands
  • Practice rooms, rehearsal halls and school music rooms
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Small, fixed or traveling church revivals
  • Small music and dance clubs
  • Assembly halls, conferences and outdoor meetings
  • Mobile DJ and small house mix
  • Clubs, bars and restaurants