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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

Sales - PL-PRO D Professional level power conditioner, tube lights, and voltmeter (120V/20A)

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Product Description

The PRO Series are Furman's top-of-the-line power conditioners. They provide the most complete and comprehensive protection from power line-related transient voltages, noise, and wiring faults available. Their many special features were designed specifically to provide maximum protection from the type of hazards faced by delicate digital pro audio and video equipment.

Power line disturbances are real, and they are inevitable. According to Consumer Reports (November, 1994), "One significant surge a day is the norm. High-exposure areas may experience perhaps a hundred smallish spikes a day." Proper protection is essential for costly equipment, even more so if it is frequently moved from location to location. But there is a wide range of differences in the performance available from the protection products available.

What sets the PRO Series apart from other conditioners is the quantity, quality, and configuration of the suppression devices used. These include MOV's, gas discharge tubes, fast-blow fuses, and high voltage inductors and capacitors. This unique combination can safely absorb and dissipate large spikes from nearby lightning strikes and other sources (up to 11,000 amps across any wiring mode - hot-neutral, hot-ground, or neutral-ground), as well as highly attenuate audible high frequency noise. Precise high-inrush magnetic circuit breakers avoid the false tripping often encountered with large reactive loads like power amps.

An additional feature, Extreme Voltage Shutdown, fights a hazard particularly common in the entertainment industry: wiring faults - for example, accidental connection to 220V. It senses voltages that are so high or low that operation would be impossible (under 80V or over 140V) and shuts the power down before damage can occur. LED status indicators ("Protection OK" and "Ground OK") monitor the integrity of the protection devices and grounding, and report if the protection is compromised.

There are three rackmount PRO Series models. The PL-PRO Power Conditioner/Light Module has the familiar slide-out rack lights pioneered by Furman. It also provides an accurate, self-checking AC voltmeter that not only measures normal voltages, but also flashes eye-catching special pattern alerts for off-scale but not extreme conditions (80-90 or 130-140 volts). A new feature exclusive to the PL-PRO utilizes microswitches to turn each light tube off or on automatically when pushed in or pulled out.

  • 20 Amp/2400 Watt rating handles even the largest power amps
  • Multiple levels of protection components can safely absorb large spikes and provide highly effective RF filtering - the most comprehensive protection available anywhere!
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown guards against destructive wiring faults
  • Critical functions are monitored by a "smart" microprocessor;
  • LED status indicators report on problems
  • Precision magnetic circuit breakers
  • Heavy duty 10 foot, 12 gauge line cord
  • Eight widely-spaced, switched rear outlets and one unswitched front outlet