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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects
Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

Sales - TLC-16 128 Channel Touch Panel Single Scene Conventional Lighting Console

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Product Description

The TLC 16 lighting and effect console provides a variety of control options in a touch panel format. Sixteen individual control channels may be user configured for touch on/off or latch on/off operation. Individual LED indicators provide channel level information for quick, easy reference of operating modes. The TLC 16 includes 16 programmable pattern memories that may be set up as chase effects or static lighting scenes with channel level assignment.

Up to 400 total steps are possible for a wide variety of individual chase patterns. The step rate of individual chase patterns may be determined by an adjustable preset control or in real time beat synchronization with tap sync circuitry. Tap sync allows the rate of the chase to be sped up or slowed down with the push of a button. Audio synchronization of lighting effects is also made available through a standard line-level audio port with adjustable sensitivity control.

The TLC 16 also features glide control for adjustments of the attack of each pattern step. The glide function adjusts step advance from a deliberate quick change or a soft dissolve from one step to the next.

The TLC 16 supports both NSI Micro-Plex control technology and DMX512 control for complete flexibility in interfacing and controlling a variety of lighting effects.


  • 16 individual control channels with master level control
  • 16 user programmable patterns or static scenes
  • Up to 400 step pattern memory
  • User controls for patterns include rate of pattern and the glide, or the fade rate, between each pattern step
  • Independent channel bumps and latch controls
  • Two level blackout control will black out all latched channels first, then will black out all patterns
  • Audio sync with sensitivity adjustments
  • Audio intensity effects mode allows preprogrammed channels to change intensity based on the audio signal
  • Tap sync pattern rate control
  • Add button for pile-on of patterns
  • Non-volatile EEPROM memory storage (10 year retention)
  • Rack mountable, 4 spaces
  • Dual 7-segment LED display
  • Console lock-out functions include configuration and memory lock to prevent accidental changes to programmed patterns or scenes


  • NSI 128 channel Micro-Plex (3- pin XLR male and female)
  • MX512 digital control (5-pin XLR female)
  • MIDI in/out/through (5-pin DIN)
  • Audio input (RCA type female)