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Mackie CFX-20 Mixer w/ Built-In Effects

Sales - I-102M ISIS Series 10 Inch Full-Range Loudspeaker

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Product Description

The ISIS 102M, 102W, 122M, and 152M are compact, portable, multipurpose loudspeakers that extend QSC's commitment to teh corporate industrial and special events market.

These new ISIS loudspeakers are full range, two-way models featuring selectable active (bi-amp) or passive crossover operation. With their advanced core composite construction, these enclosures feature superior strength and reduced weight - all of which translated to more focused sound (as a result of increased wall rigidity), safer rigging, and lower transportation and handling costs. As an added benefit, the composite enclosures and stainless steel hardware provide excellent weather resistance for outdoor applications. They also provide the ideal mid/high complement to the ISIS 215PM subwoofer. In addition, these enclosures are available in a more cost-effective non-weatherized wood version.

QSC’s ISIS multipurpose loudspeakers are constructed from the finest components. To produce maximum output and work efficiently in any application, all models feature a 1.4" exit, 3" titanium diaphragm compression driver. The “M” models employ a spherical (60°) HF waveguide for even dispersion regardless of orientation and a high-power neodymium woofer for reduced weight, while the “W” model offers an exceptionally wide coverage pattern (150° x 50°) via a rotatable waveguide.

All ISIS multipurpose loudspeakers feature a full assortment of versatile hardware to make the task of rigging and installation a straightforward process. Integrated fly track hardware on top and bottom plus an independent rear center point allows for easy, safe rigging. Each model has a dedicated yoke mount accessory available, and there’s also a built-in pole cup for stand mounting. The symmetrical multi-angle cabinet design facilitates both FOH and stage monitor applications.


  • Neodymium woofers (122M and 152M) and compression drivers provide reduced speaker enclosure weight
  • Integral L-track flying hardware (top and bottom) facilitates safe and easy rigging
  • Cored Composite construction (ComposiliteTM) and foam backed stainless steel grills provide excellent weather resistance for outdoor applications
  • Suitable for both FOH and stage monitor applications
  • Multipurpose cabinet design comes in 3 sizes; accommodating 10”, 12”, and 15” LF drivers
  • All models are designed to complement the ISIS 215PCM subwoofer, which provides DSP processing and amplification for any accompanying 2-way enclosures, thus creating a self-contained, self-powered, 3-way system
  • Switchable passive/active crossover modes—flat response for quick setup and use (passive crossover mode); Extremely flat and accurate active (DSP) voicing for bi-amped applications (active crossover mode)
102M Passive Mode
102M Bi-amp Mode*
Frequency Range (4pi)
Frequency Response (4pi)
50 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)
60 Hz - 19 kHz (-6 dB)
50 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB)
55 Hz - 19 kHz (-6 dB)
Maximum Output
• Calculated Peak Output
• Calculated Continuous Output
• Continuous Noise Exposure Level

124 dB SPL
118 dB SPL

116 dBA

LF: 125, HF: 133 dB SPL
LF: 119, HF: 127 dB SPL

117 dBA
Impedance, Nominal 8 ohm 8 ohm
Power Rating
• Recommended Max Amp Power
• RMS Power Handling (IEC) 8 hours



LF:600W HF: 160W

LF:300W HF: 80W
Sensitivity 93 dB, 1 W, 1 m, free field LF: 94 dB, 1 W, 1 m,
100 Hz - 1 kHz
HF: 108 dB, 1 W, 1 m,
1 kHz - 16 kHz
Recommended Processing Optional 55 Hz high-pass >12 dB/Octave Optional 55 Hz high-pass
>12 dB/Octave
Specifications 102M Both Bi-amp and Passive Mode
Controls Bi-amp/Passive Switch
Transducers LF: 10" high power woofer, 3" (76mm) voice coil, weather treated paper cone, high efficiency ferrite magnet structure
HF: 1.4" (38mm) exit, 3" titanium diaphragm compression driver on low distortion, constant directivity waveguide
Nominal Coverage 60°conical (2.5 kHz)
Bass Loading Ported, tuned to 63 Hz
Connector Two Neutrik® NL4-series airtight panelmount Speakons™ wired in parallel
Material Multi-angle wedge constructed of weather-resistant cored Composilite™, or Lynex coated 13 ply Baltic Birch
Finish Textured black
Grill Heavy duty stainless steel, painted black
Rigging System Front and rear fly track on top and bottom plus independent rear center pullback/safety point
Dimensions 24" H x 13" W x 10.5" D
609.6 x 330.2 x 266.7 mm
Weight Composite Version: 36 lb. (16.3 kg)
Wood Version: 45 lb. (20.45 kg)